Definition of micronation in English:


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  • A small area or political entity that claims national sovereignty but is not recognized by other sovereign states.

    ‘Jedlicka announced the formation of the Free Republic of Liberland, a 2.7-square-mile micronation situated on the border between Croatia and Serbia’
    • ‘We might declare a micronation soon, but aren't sure if that's legal.’
    • ‘Whether the Duchy of Bohemia is actually a micronation or not is up for debate.’
    • ‘After setting up this micronation in 1994, the founders immediately started setting up scam passports and diplomatic papers.’
    • ‘The Free and Independent Republic of Frestonia is a micronation formed out of abandoned buildings and land on Freston Road.’
    • ‘Their claims as a micronation allow them to get away with things that otherwise might be illegal—like detaining people against their will.’



/ˈmīkrōˌnāSHən/ /ˈmaɪkroʊˌneɪʃən/