Definición de Micronesian en inglés


Pronunciación /ˌmīkrəˈnēZHən/ /ˌmaɪkrəˈniʒən/ /ˌmīkrəˈniSHən/ /ˌmaɪkrəˈnɪʃən/


  • Relating to Micronesia, its people, or their languages.

    ‘In this very large family there are more than a thousand languages - including Polynesian, Melanesian, and Micronesian languages and others as far north as Formosa, but not the Papuan languages of New Guinea.’
    • ‘Yes, Sydney train stations were crawling with cops after information on four Micronesian men with - wait for it - bags!’
    • ‘Who could forget Jim Bolger and Cook Islands Premier Geoffrey Henry singing ‘Danny Boy’ under a Micronesian moon, or Bob Hawke savaging the media while wife Hazel sat calmly knitting among the reporters?’
    • ‘Best of all, I have a drinking permit for the Micronesian island of Kosrae.’
    • ‘Nauruan is classified as a Micronesian language but does not fit easily within subgroupings of Austronesian languages.’
    • ‘After the war, the Marianas were folded into the American-administered Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, along with other Micronesian islands, such as Palau and Yap.’
    • ‘Marriage unions that create family alliances and concentrate land, wealth, and status, such as preferential cross-cousin marriage, are favored in many Micronesian societies.’
    • ‘Slikas et al. performed a phylogenetic analysis for several Micronesian white-eyes, but did not investigate the position of white-eyes among sylvioids.’
    • ‘Only recently, as Poyer and Kiste make clear, has Micronesian anthropology begun to consider transnational issues and cultures that transcend the always ambiguous borders of Micronesia.’
    • ‘Economic self-sufficiency and the survival of the many cultures are two of the major problems facing Micronesian countries.’
    • ‘The idea grew out of an effort to save highly endangered Micronesian kingfishers in Guam, where many bird species had been decimated by a brown snake invasion.’
    • ‘The high rates of diabetes among Pi ma Indians, Micronesian Nauruans and Australian Aborigines have confirmed his predictions.’
    • ‘The remoteness of the islands and the sparsity of the population makes Yap one of the last bastions for true Micronesian culture, unsullied by outside influences.’
    • ‘But he also noted that Micronesian breadfruit has its own unique characteristics.’
    • ‘Palau is an extremely beautiful Micronesian nation tucked away in a corner of the West Pacific close to Philippines.’
    • ‘In preparation for an assault on the Philippines, and ultimately on Japan itself, during 1943, the Pacific campaign was largely focused on the painstaking conquest of the Japanese-controlled Micronesian islands.’
    • ‘In 1974 Johannes came from the United States to the Micronesian island archipelago of Palau.’
    • ‘Japan seized control of the Micronesian islands in 1914, and ruled them until the end of World War II.’
    • ‘Palauans participated in the wide-ranging Micronesian trade system, with some interaction with Malay traders.’
    • ‘The second PC separates the Polynesian outlier from the true Polynesian populations and the Micronesian population from the Melanesian ones.’


  • 1A native of Micronesia.

    ‘The island populations of the Pacific Ocean have historically been divided, on the basis of geography and culture, into Polynesians, Micronesians, and Melanesians.’
    • ‘Not because I love Americans, but simply because I don't hate Americans, like I don't hate the French, Canadians, Brits, Saudis, Jordanians, Micronesians, etc.’
    • ‘A true test of presidency would be to champion the right to self-determination of Puerto Ricans, Filipinos, Micronesians, Samoans, and others directly affected by American imperial policies.’
    • ‘Three populations are definitely outside of those four clusters: the Khanty from northwestern Siberia, the Micronesians, and the Nasioi Melanesians.’
    • ‘It is comprised predominantly of Melanesians with the rest of the population consisting of Polynesians, Micronesians, and small pockets of Chinese and Europeans.’
    • ‘The largest and longest standing community was then Filipinos (2,654 workers and their dependents), followed by other Asians, Americans, other Micronesians and Pacific islanders.’
    • ‘Without a doubt, the Micronesians and Polynesians were the world's first great navigators.’
    • ‘Micronesians arrived from the South Pacific between 200 and 500 AD and have a strong traditional culture.’
    • ‘Inhabited by Micronesians when sighted by the Spanish in the 16th century, the largest island group was named the Gilbert Islands in the 1820s by the Russian hydrographer Krusenstern.’
    • ‘Micronesians sought and designed their own destinies without outside assistance.’
    • ‘College-educated Micronesians often take their talents elsewhere, contributing to what has been called the region's ‘brain drain.’’
    • ‘We know for instance, that from the 17th to the 18th centuries, Micronesians from Kiribati and the Caroline Islands were often found in Melanesia and Philippines.’
    • ‘Greetings among many Micronesians are equivalent to the English ‘welcome.’’
    • ‘For example, Hutchins showed that the preliterate Micronesians employed an abstract navigational system that used the stars symbolically.’
    • ‘Fading Micronesians have been known to describe a bustling, skyscraper-filled metropolis.’
    • ‘The ancestors of the Micronesians settled the Caroline Islands over 4,000 years ago.’
  • 2The group of Austronesian languages spoken in Micronesia.