Definition of micropore in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmīkrəˌpôr/ /ˈmaɪkrəˌpɔr/


  • A very narrow pore, especially in a material.

    ‘The higher the modified microporosity, the higher the loss in the crystallisation test; this indicates that it is the proportion of micropores present and not their absolute volume which is the controlling factor.’
    • ‘The product penetrates the substrate's micropores and chemically bonds to beautify the surface and provide long-term protection from moisture and chloride-ion absorption.’
    • ‘According to Samuels, this energy painlessly creates an array of micropores - holes with a diameter about that of a human hair - in the outer dead layer of skin cells.’
    • ‘Presumably, this water is tightly bound to the organic matrix and the mineral phase and diffuses along the micropores that are embedded in the collagen and hydroxy-apatite matrix.’
    • ‘Runions et al. and Tomlinson have shown that any buoyancy exhibited by saccate grains is probably due to a sufficient volume of air trapped in the sacci by surface tension forces at the entrance to the micropores in the ektexine.’
    • ‘Central agencies use blotting paper and distilled water to remove the salt accretions and clear the micropores on the rock tablets, which is why visitors see a creamish mush plastered on the walls.’
    • ‘For thermal transpiration to generate pressures within these plants, it is necessary for the internal atmosphere under the micropores to be constantly warmer than the external atmosphere.’
    • ‘The rapid electrical pulse induces very short-lived micropores in the plasma membrane, allowing DNA to enter the cell.’
    • ‘Among the scientific claims made regarding Rife Bare therapy is the proposal that subjecting cells to a high energy pulse causes their cell wall micropores to open.’
    • ‘While flow through the fine micropores of the soil matrix is essentially non-turbulent or laminar flow, flow through macropores can be turbulent and erosive.’
    • ‘The outer membrane is pierced by micropores of unknown function.’
    • ‘Another uses a laser to painlessly create micropores in the dead layer of skin, through which ISF is collected.’