Definition of microprogram in English:



  • A microinstruction program that controls the functions of a central processing unit or peripheral controller of a computer.

    • ‘Guidance for reasonable values will be given in the comments of the microprogram that you plan to use.’
    • ‘The collection of control words that implement an macroinstruction is called a microprogram, and the microprograms are stored in a memory element called the control store.’
    • ‘The second phase consists of transcribing these specifications into machine code microprograms and proving the ‘equivalence’ between the formal specifications and the machine microcodes.’
    • ‘The microprograms are a few hundred lines with almost no knowledge.’
    • ‘The CPU designer uses these microinstructions to write microprograms, which are stored in a special control memory.’
    • ‘Whereas vertical microprograms are characterized by long sequences of narrow microwords, horizontal microprograms are characterized by short, intertwined sequences of wide micro-words.’