Definition of microprogrammer in English:



See microprogram

‘For some reason, the microprogrammers who designed the 6502 status register left one bit unused.’
  • ‘Microprogramming is the programming level closest to the hardware, and the microprogrammer must know everything about each of the pieces of hardware which are to be controlled.’
  • ‘Rather than lose the performance, microprogrammers attempt to set up the branch status at least one full microinstruction before the conditional branch.’
  • ‘Hopefully, the microprogrammer can cleverly arrange the order of instructions so that the microcontroller does something useful while it is waiting for the slower main memory RAM.’
  • ‘If some microprogrammers and compiler implementors have deviated so far from the C standard to think that ‘int’ should be used where an 8-bit width is desired, then that is their fault; the standard C language does provide ways to get at such types without violating the standard.’