Definition of microprogramming in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmīkrəˈprōɡrəmiNG/ /ˌmaɪkrəˈproʊɡrəmɪŋ/ /ˈmīkrəˌprōɡramiNG/ /ˈmaɪkrəˌproʊɡræmɪŋ/


  • The technique of making machine instructions generate sequences of microinstructions in accordance with a microprogram rather than initiate the desired operations directly.

    ‘According to the results of practical microprogrammings for processing of mathematical functions, etc., it was found that the capacity of two words for the FIFO memory were sufficient for most of the cases.’
    • ‘The purpose of this lab is to give you a chance to explore microprogramming and how the microprogram interacts with the hardware to implement a conventional machine language interpreter.’
    • ‘This paper describes a successful project using computer animation to teach the concepts of microprogramming to lower division computer science majors.’
    • ‘Advanced topics dealing with microprogramming including microprogram control, writeable control storage and design specifications.’
    • ‘The section on microprogramming has a brief but very clear explanation of how a microprogram operates, which was tremendously useful for my understanding of microcoding.’
    • ‘This page is meant to supplement the section in the course notes on microprogramming.’