Definition of micropropagation in English:



mass nounBotany
  • The propagation of plants by growing plantlets in tissue culture and then planting them out.

    • ‘With this technique, known as micropropagation, forest-product companies can restock plantations with millions of genetically identical tree plantlets.’
    • ‘A common problem encountered in micropropagation and plant transformation is that within a plant species, different varieties and cultivars vary widely in their capacity to regenerate.’
    • ‘She starts with plantlets reared in petri dishes in the laboratory, a process called micropropagation, and then genetically tests them to verify that they will produce perfect flowers.’
    • ‘This manipulation was initially restricted to embryo culture and nodal micropropagation, but it has recently been extended to somatic embryogenesis.’
    • ‘Considerable effort has been devoted to full automation of somatic embryo development and micropropagation.’