Definition of micropylar in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmīkrəˈpīlər/


See micropyle

‘Changes in peroxidase activities in the micropylar and the lateral endosperm half of tomato seeds were followed after the beginning of imbibition.’
  • ‘The activities of both enzymes increase in a similar temporal manner in the micropylar and lateral endosperm during and following germination.’
  • ‘They bear a single wing on one shoulder of the triangular seed body, opposite the tapered, micropylar end, which renders them bilaterally asymmetrical in the plane of compression.’
  • ‘Most globular pro-embryos were located at the micropylar end between the central cell with unfused neighboring polar nuclei and intact synergid cells.’
  • ‘At the micropylar end where the pollen tube delivers the two sperm cells, the egg cell is flanked by two synergids that assist in fertilization.’