Definition of microRNA in English:



  • A cellular RNA fragment that prevents the production of a particular protein by binding to and destroying the messenger RNA that would have produced the protein.

    ‘By then, scientists had proposed that plant microRNAs control protein production by glomming onto messenger RNAs, an essential intermediate in the creation of a protein.’
    • ‘In molecular biology, microRNAs are clearly one of the top two or three discoveries of the past decade.’
    • ‘Research reported in The Plant Cell shows that microRNAs control the accumulation of transcription factor proteins that regulate the expression of genes in the auxin response pathway.’
    • ‘X and Y could be microRNAs, transcriptional regulators or other proteins, or the smallest molecules and ions.’
    • ‘In the cross of the egg-parent (species E) to a different species the lack of a microRNA specific to a transposon expressed in the G parent prevents transposon suppression, triggering genomic instability.’



/ˌmīkrōˌärenˈā/ /ˌmaɪkroʊˌɑrɛnˈeɪ/