Definition of microsporangium in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmīkrōspəˈranj(ē)əm/ /ˌmaɪkroʊspəˈrændʒ(i)əm/


  • A sporangium containing microspores.

    ‘Each anther has four microsporangia arranged in pairs in the two lobes.’
    • ‘In pollen cones, microsporangia are borne on a single bract without a trace of a second, subtending structure.’
    • ‘The microsprophylls of cycads are arranged in strobili and bear clusters of microsporangia on their abaxial surface.’
    • ‘Within the microsporangium, the microspores are embedded in a foamy mass that is dispersed as ‘floats’.’
    • ‘The pollen organs are synangia, each consisting of a ring of microsporangia united at their bases around a hollow center, a common feature among so called pteridosperms.’