Definition of microsurgeon in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈsərjən/


See microsurgery

‘There is an experienced team of microsurgeons at the University of Cape Town and its teaching hospitals, of which the Red Cross Children's Hospital is one.’
  • ‘Ms K said that one of the surgeons in 1967 was a microsurgeon, and she indicated that ‘there are a lot of fellows walking around today who wouldn't be, if it weren't for his work.’’
  • ‘Zhong Wei Chen, an internationally famous microsurgeon, published the world's first hand reattachment in 1963; 41 years later the patient is still alive and working, his hand functioning well.’
  • ‘This requires an experienced microsurgeon and it takes longer than other reconstructive techniques but the results are often worth it.’
  • ‘A team of microsurgeons reattached a man's hand after it was severed in a brawl overnight, a hospital spokesman said yesterday.’