Definition of microtechnology in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmīkrōtekˈnäləjē/ /ˌmaɪkroʊtɛkˈnɑlədʒi/

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  • Technology that uses microelectronics.

    ‘Gravity independence and reduced size and weight make microtechnology an ideal candidate for many NASA applications.’
    • ‘Although automotive and electronics represent the largest markets for microtechnology, it also has had an appreciable impact on the design and development of medical equipment.’
    • ‘But they apparently confuse nanotechnology with microtechnology, and they make confusing and contradictory assumptions about how the technologies needed to enable fourth-generation nukes will evolve.’
    • ‘With two-thirds of the nation's large rocket test stands in a single place, one might guess ‘abnormally small’ is not the forte at Edwards; yet, the facility is a leader in nanotechnology and microtechnology.’
    • ‘In addition to their crucial importance in the biological and medical fields, phospholipidic biomembranes have received great interest recently for their applications in nano- and microtechnology.’
    • ‘With recent advances in microtechnology, however, progress has been made in the development of implants, some of which can be placed in the eye.’
    • ‘Western Switzerland has been recognised for microtechnology, hardware and software, special machinery such as robots, life sciences, and biotechnology, among others.’
    • ‘Adidas, the sportswear manufacturer, has come up with a running shoe that uses microtechnology to alter its cushioning depending on the terrain - providing wearers with a more comfortable experience.’
    • ‘Nanotechnology and super microtechnology are giving us the diagnostic capacity to see tumors when they're only a few cells in size, raising the prospect that all cancers will be curable.’
    • ‘The media is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into microtechnology because they see that as the big breakthrough in making the viewer of a sporting event more excited about what they're watching.’
    • ‘One of the largest trade shows in the world, Hannover Fair in Germany continues to make room for microtechnology.’
    • ‘New microtechnology has added to the investigative methods available for small bowel visualization.’
    • ‘Their lifestyle strictly forbids the use of microtechnology and other such witchcraft.’
    • ‘He disclosed that worldwide patent protection had been taken out on the microtechnology that offers the potential to overcome a major bottleneck in the delivery of power to future microprocessors chips.’