Definition of microwave oven in English:

microwave oven


  • An oven that uses microwaves to cook or heat food.

    ‘He later realized she had been researching the use of the microwave oven.’
    • ‘Of course, their campus is ideally suited for such a setup, the only interference being a microwave oven in a faculty lounge.’
    • ‘The salesman threw in a module to control my microwave oven.’
    • ‘Such a temperature is closer to radiation treatment than the output of a kitchen microwave oven.’
    • ‘The winner of the final draw will take home a microwave oven worth about Rs.6,000.’
    • ‘The next step was to try the microwave oven.’
    • ‘The choices were car, cell phone, computer, microwave oven or toothbrush.’
    • ‘Properly used, a microwave oven is extremely safe.’
    • ‘Some people like to cook food partially in the microwave oven or on the stove to reduce smoking time.’
    • ‘Food cooked in a microwave oven does not present a radiation risk.’
    • ‘Cooking in a microwave oven produces very few dishes.’
    • ‘Your recommendation to heat it up would require us to install microwave ovens at all locations.’
    • ‘I'm also beginning to think that my microwave oven needs replacing.’
    • ‘This man shouldn't be allowed to operate a microwave oven, let alone a gun.’
    • ‘There previously was concern that electromagnetic emissions from microwave ovens could interfere with heart pacemakers.’
    • ‘I don't cook without a microwave oven, not these days I don't.’
    • ‘A microwave oven would heat up that meal nicely.’
    • ‘The microwave oven disintegrated with an almighty bang.’
    • ‘I've repaired countless vacuum cleaners and microwave ovens.’
    • ‘My heart sank when I glanced through the kitchen door and saw a whole bank of microwave ovens.’


microwave oven

/ˌmīkrəˌwāv ˈəvən/ /ˌmaɪkrəˌweɪv ˈəvən/