Definition of middle-sized in English:


(also middle-size)

Pronunciation /ˈmidl ˈˌsīzd/ /ˈmɪdl ˈˌsaɪzd/

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  • Of medium size.

    ‘a middle-sized farm’
    • ‘The backbone, small and medium businesses, especially the middle-sized ones, were sold or absorbed by the capital which entered Brazil.’
    • ‘Omar was a middle-sized man with one eye missing.’
    • ‘Most of its 700-plus users are small- and middle-sized budget hotels in Europe, where the software is noted for quickly responding to the needs of customers and analyzing their habits so as to ensure a high rate of returned guests.’
    • ‘Most toy factories are small or middle-sized, with limited staff and budgets for toy innovation.’
    • ‘He proposed instead complex plans to end the city's gaping budget deficit, by, among other proposals, creating a new market for trading bonds of the city's small and middle-sized high-tech companies.’
    • ‘But the great powers (and the middle-sized ones, too) do not pay attention even when their profound interests are at stake, unless the interest is security.’
    • ‘Thus, the total saved cost in all big and middle-sized restaurants or hotels on meals is up to 1 billion yuan every year.’
    • ‘However, its consumption has spread outside rural areas, and is now found as ‘typical’ food in various large and middle-sized towns in these countries.’
    • ‘Now that merging small or middle-sized enterprises into giant ones is the global trend, Chinese enterprises and international companies in China are following suit.’
    • ‘Such activity chokes off creative efforts by others, particularly the small and middle-sized firms that are typically more innovative.’
    • ‘According to sources with the International Yacht Exhibition, each marina would be home to 12 to 15 middle-sized boats.’
    • ‘In China, around 80 per cent of food producers are small or middle-sized, with only a small minority located in major cities.’
    • ‘When we visited last year, it was a middle-sized player aspiring to improve sales and profitability in a sector dominated by a few large rivals that were more profitable.’
    • ‘It is made up of 18 middle-sized taxi companies each of which is comprised of 200 to 700 cabs.’
    • ‘On a typical side street in the Latino East Side of Austin stands a middle-sized, unassuming house.’
    • ‘We can't solve stuff - old stuff, middle-sized stuff - within our own borders.’
    • ‘Such abstract sculptures are often seen in middle-sized cities in China.’
    • ‘He was a dull, monotonous speaker - an unheroic, middle-sized, stolid, plain soldier.’
    • ‘The French community is rich in middle-sized companies producing new works on decent budgets.’
    • ‘It is important because it gives small businesses an equality of opportunity with middle-sized businesses.’
    average, middling, medium-sized, middle-sized, moderate, fair, normal, standard, usual