Definition of middle eight in English:

middle eight


  • A short section (typically of eight bars) in the middle of a conventionally structured popular song, generally of a different character from the other parts of the song.

    ‘The set is peppered with indifferent songs to be honest, but with nice middle eights.’
    • ‘We'd turn up at a rehearsal and find he'd deleted verses 3 and 4 of a certain song, or inserted new verses, changed the words here and there, completely altered the middle eight of a song, or had added a whole new intro.’
    • ‘Structurally, many employ a standard verse and refrain alternation, punctuated by a middle eight, where the song becomes fleetingly more interesting.’
    • ‘It's highly formulaic with each piece consisting of verse/chorus/verse with a peripheral middle eight tossed in as an afterthought.’
    • ‘He may love to build tracks up, but in an age of cheap anthems he's happily sparing with middle eights and singalong choruses - as he has to be in order to lure the listener in as well as he does.’
    • ‘Piecing together gutsy rock, skittering middle eights and infectious, catchy straight rock, this track gives a glimpse of a very special future indeed.’
    • ‘It sounds as deliberate as one of Kylie's middle eights and you can't help but be struck by how listenable it all is.’
    • ‘Jon-Lee hammers his head to the quicktime beats of guitar wedged middle eights.’
    • ‘What's with that spoken verse blathering along to the lead after the middle eight in ‘Tear in Your Hand’?’
    • ‘Interesting - I didn't mention the middle eight because I thought that might be something you wouldn't like, that it might be too much of a hearkening back.’
    • ‘But barely a freeflowing middle eight's allowed to digress from the tidy, right-on package of political broadsiding that's being delivered.’
    • ‘The track reached its magnificent apotheosis with the middle eight's forthright conclusion: a man ain't a man with a ticket in his hand.’
    • ‘Singer and sole writer Mattias Friberg proves himself quite the composer by adding more middle eights than choruses, letting weighty verses deliver the punchlines and keeping his motives obscured.’
    • ‘This is actually an exclusive, of sorts, in that the take of this song which we put up on our website and distributed was a different mix, which had double tracked vocals and a quieter middle eight.’
    • ‘Never mind middle age, what about a middle eight?’
    • ‘Not all jazz music is made by balding musicians who sit around over copious whiskies discussing the wonders of a middle eight.’
    • ‘When it ends he leans across to the score and points to the middle eight.’
    • ‘You can sing each chorus before it arrives, and hear each middle eight before you can reach for the fast forward button.’
    • ‘It's probably the most ‘accessible’ song on the album for newcomers, blending a jaunty semi-C&W melody and twangy guitars with a darker, more intense middle eight.’
    • ‘So I don't have to go through every middle eight.’


middle eight

/ˈmidl āt/ /ˈmɪdl eɪt/