Definition of middlebrow in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmidlˌbrou/ /ˈmɪdlˌbraʊ/

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  • (of art or literature or a system of thought) demanding or involving only a moderate degree of intellectual application, typically as a result of not deviating from convention.

    • ‘middlebrow fiction’
    • ‘They do not like things that the vast middle class, middlebrow population likes.’
    • ‘No thoughtful reader today would dismiss them as predominantly insipid or expressing nothing beyond a contemporary middlebrow understanding.’
    • ‘I wish that the middlebrow worshippers of the simple would read the nursery rhymes in the light of their original meaning!’
    • ‘These are sometimes referred to as romantic novels, but actually, as I understand it, they were more in the nature of middlebrow novels about middle-class family life.’
    • ‘I know of no rational argument which convinces me that plays that are enjoyed and discussed by intellectuals are any better than plays which entertain a middlebrow audience.’
    non-specialist, non-technical, non-professional, amateur, lay, lay person's, general, middle-of-the-road


  • A person who is capable of or enjoys only a moderate degree of intellectual effort.

    • ‘Since our highbrow elites are no longer capable of giving good advice, we middlebrows must use our own judgment to decide what art to buy.’
    • ‘We are, for better and worse, middle class and middlebrow right down to our bones.’
    • ‘Highbrow journals like the Antioch Review and the Partisan Review condemned the middlebrows who controlled the mass media for fostering anti-intellectualism and mindless conformity.’
    • ‘So middlebrows appointed themselves as the defenders of popular taste against the authoritarian edicts of highbrow moral crusaders.’
    • ‘It's already clear that there are a whole bunch of highbrows who talk only to themselves and a horde of middlebrows who simply try to out-bray one another.’