Definition of midgut in English:



  • The middle part of the alimentary canal, including (in vertebrates) the small intestine.

    ‘There was spiraling of the bowel around the midgut mesentery and the midgut was dusky in color.’
    • ‘The reproductive system is anatomically simple, and it seems that the two ovaries derive nutrition directly from the midgut, a feature also seen in freshwater chaetonotoid gastrotrichs.’
    • ‘These grow inward and eventually fuse to form the endoderm of the midgut, while ectoderm is dragged inward behind them at each end to form the foregut and the hindgut.’
    • ‘No nerve cells have been traced to innervate the longitudinal and circular muscle cells of the midgut.’
    • ‘For the same purpose, the adult uses glands located in the metaepipodits of the thoracic appendages, the maxillary glands, and the midgut.’



/ˈmidˌɡət/ /ˈmɪdˌɡət/