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  • The central period of a person's life, generally considered as the years from about 45 to 55.

    ‘a woman in midlife’
    • ‘your midlife financial review’
    • ‘For these reasons, it seems appropriate to consider possible developmental edges of varying magnitudes within the period of midlife development.’
    • ‘Age-specific mortality rates in males and females are highly correlated, especially at midlife and the oldest ages.’
    • ‘You know what's wrong with us mature adults in midlife and beyond?’
    • ‘But then, as happens in midlife, the second generation of the car, the Mustang 2, got fat and lazy.’
    • ‘Studies suggest that grown kids' well-being is a major determinant of well-being for midlife parents.’
    • ‘For some midlife parents, the empty nest isn't an issue simply because the nest hasn't really emptied.’
    • ‘One of the explanations provided for this finding is the importance of work investments as a buffer against the challenges of parenting adolescents during midlife.’
    • ‘In midlife, I find myself in a land where, for the first time, I do not recognize the plants: what is edible, what blooms when, what sets seed when.’
    • ‘But slowly, subtly, sometime around midlife, your particular data points start to arrange themselves on the larger human curve.’
    • ‘In its place, there is a rich variety of paths that include self-employment, entrepreneurship, and midlife career changes.’
    • ‘In midlife, the boys attain the highest reaches of power and find that all the years of striving and conniving have left them feeling empty and unfulfilled.’
    • ‘His first bout of depression hadn't struck until midlife.’
    • ‘Healy's midlife interest in pet ownership, we conclude, is an attempt to resolve his childhood grief, and hence to confront the demons that have haunted him ever since.’
    • ‘I suspect that the requirement for more education and the fading-out of creativity in midlife may stem from the same cause.’
    • ‘It's related - it's not something that you can start to treat at midlife.’
    • ‘He nearly squandered all that until, at midlife, he learned how to leverage his personality with his inheritance.’
    • ‘My quest to tell the truth led me in midlife to my dream career.’
    • ‘The government policy is to extend flexible working rights to midlife carers of older people, which will help them with the work-life balance.’
    • ‘It's all the more poignant and meaningful to me because we were in midlife - I was 43 when I met him and he was 50.’
    • ‘The biggest midlife event comes on the heels of postponing change.’



/midˈlīf/ /mɪdˈlaɪf/