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midlife crisis


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  • An emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age.

    ‘So instead of the sports car as the antidote to a midlife crisis, positive psychology recommends that you savor time with your kids or find a way to give to others, whether they are needy strangers or your own kin.’
    • ‘Everybody else thought I was having an early midlife crisis and I should just go to another division or investment bank.’
    • ‘The book defines another intriguing development: the early midlife crisis.’
    • ‘Lucas interpreted the vast donation as either an early midlife crisis or a desire to begin afresh.’
    • ‘Day-to-day stress doesn't add up to a midlife crisis, however.’
    • ‘The literature reveals very little scientific evidence for the existence of a male midlife crisis, or ‘male menopause.’’
    • ‘Khalili's unique vision emerged out of a midlife crisis.’
    • ‘The character of Bob Harris, an actor in the middle of a midlife crisis, is made for him.’
    • ‘Ultimately, it's his marriage that forces him to serve out the term of his midlife crisis in Tokyo, paying for the loss of his dignity at a humiliatingly high asking price.’
    • ‘Since both are in their early forties, they are quickly approaching a midlife crisis.’
    • ‘Some folks (like me) may not want to read another self-absorbed memoir written by a middle-aged Caucasian going through a midlife crisis.’
    • ‘Only in this case, the midlife crisis lasted the entire lifetime, not just in the middle.’
    • ‘It's not a nouveau muscle car for the 50-year-old divorced guy in a midlife crisis but more a stylish cruiser for aging boomers who yearn to head to the country for a Sunday drive.’
    • ‘My take is that along with the collective midlife crisis the nation is going through, I, like others, am setting priorities and doing a bit more of what I want to do as much as what I need to do.’
    • ‘By the last decade of the sixteenth century, the fifty-year-old astronomer was facing a midlife crisis, afraid that immortality was slipping from his grasp.’
    • ‘On the night of his tenth birthday (which is like a midlife crisis in zebra years) he escapes the zoo, headed for Grand Central Station to catch a train.’
    • ‘My father-in-law seems to be having a midlife crisis.’
    • ‘Then in their late 30's, when they are approaching the next age with a big zero in it, they would prepare, as any wise person would, for their midlife crisis.’
    • ‘Did anybody accuse you of having a midlife crisis?’
    • ‘I was just really drawn to a story about this guy having a midlife crisis in Japan, where it's already so confusing.’