Definition of midmost in English:



  • Situated in the very middle or nearest the middle.

    ‘our eyes eagerly sought out the three bights of land and centered on the midmost one’
    • ‘Between them and the army a cadre of priestesses in the gray robes of Elle stood, waiting, and midmost among them was a tall woman with blond hair and direct blue eyes.’
    • ‘And the Magic Shoes carried her back to the midmost part of the meadow in a single bound.’
    • ‘Now it is a fundamental principle of this world that there are three motions: a motion from the midmost point of the world, a motion toward that point, and a motion around that point.’
    • ‘The mobile device also comprises means for identifying the midmost switch element activated by the operator.’
    • ‘The western ocean was expanded eastward and a great bay was formed on the western coast of Middle-earth (the midmost continent).’



/ˈmidˌmōst/ /ˈmɪdˌmoʊst/