Definition of midship in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmidˌSHip/ /ˈmɪdˌʃɪp/


usually as modifier
  • The middle part of a ship or boat.

    ‘its powerful midship section’
    • ‘The two four-cell launchers are installed in the midship section between the two radar masts.’
    • ‘Two four-cell launchers are installed in a midship position between the two masts.’
    • ‘Only the aft elevator could be used when a full air group was in the hangar, as dive-bombers would block the use of the midship elevator for raising torpedo planes.’
    • ‘The FM (front midship) Package positions a compact V6 engine in a front midship layout, locates a large-capacity fuel tank under the floor and adopts a new center muffler system.’
    • ‘From my previous trip I recalled intact bows and stern, but the already completely broken midship area seemed to have enlarged in the intervening years.’
    • ‘These are the midship vents and these are the main induction valves.’
    • ‘The vessel is dual decked and the aluminium deckhouse is fitted aft of midship.’
    • ‘The engines are located in near midship in insulated raised boxes, completely removable and allowing excellent access for servicing.’
    • ‘The bow planes are positioned close to the midship to improve the performance of the sonar.’
    • ‘The system is complemented by a set of midship stabilising fins and stern stabilising flaps to control the pitch and roll of the ship.’
    • ‘An index for structural safety was obtained by assessing the required thickness of the midship for each hull form to endure the vertical bending moment imposed by waves.’
    • ‘The ISA agent pushed the thoughts aside and looked at the time on the midship's computer.’
    • ‘It is bristling with weapons, especially a huge cannon lying across its midship.’
    • ‘The wreck is spread out before me like a filleted mackerel, bow and stern intact with the midships opened up.’