Definition of midstream in English:



mass noun
  • The middle of a stream or river.

    ‘the ferry was moving out into midstream’
    • ‘It is a great sight, with ant-like streams pouring across long pontoons over the river's shallow sandy banks to innumerable craft moored midstream.’
    • ‘In midstream however the croc suddenly dives leaving the frog struggling with the current.’
    • ‘This is particularly important when the wind is in your face and you want to hold the float on line either far bank or midstream.’
    • ‘In fact, a good number of them collapsed midstream and went with the water.’


  • (of urine) passed in the middle part of an act of urinating.

    • ‘All the women who agreed to participate provided a midstream urine specimen that their general practitioner tested immediately with a standard urine dipstick and then sent for microbiological examination and culture.’
    • ‘A midstream clean-catch technique usually is adequate in men and women.’
    • ‘It's important to remember you should use midstream urine for the most accurate result.’
    • ‘Urine specimens generally are obtained by a midstream clean-catch technique, and one study showed that cleansing does not decrease contamination rates in adults.’
    • ‘Like the chemical analysis, the urine must be collected by the midstream or clean catch technique.’


    in midstream
    • Part-way through the course of an activity, process, etc.

      ‘our conversation was interrupted in midstream’
      • ‘We need to be flexible, fleet footed and be able to change course in midstream when positive opportunities present themselves.’
      • ‘Switching analogies in midstream, the herd bull elephant is being challenged by a relative newcomer, not without tusks, but still relatively wet behind its large, flapping ears.’
      • ‘A second theory is that voters will decide not to switch horses in midstream and will surge towards the commander-in-chief.’
      • ‘I like to keep changing in midstream, staying for a while under one banner then floating ahead towards another.’
      • ‘But our work has been noble and necessary, and we can't call a halt to it in midstream.’
      • ‘We as spectators watch her fashion herself anew, see her change roles in midstream, as it were, effectively seeing her trope her self-as-wit into a self as self-spectating performance.’
      • ‘I am just alerting you so you are not cut off in midstream.’
      • ‘Set on an empty stage in front of a medium blue backdrop that in midstream turned blood red, the men were set free to relish their youth and power.’
      • ‘The Federal government ought not to have stopped the NALSAS Strategy in midstream.’
      • ‘Unless exceptional conditions dictate otherwise, give an employee enough time to finish an assignment without interruption and avoid switching him in midstream from one job to another.’