Definition of migmatite in English:



  • A rock composed of two intermingled but distinguishable components, typically a granitic rock within a metamorphic host rock.

    ‘a series of dikes intrude the underlying migmatites’
    • ‘He regarded metamorphism and deformation as continuously related processes and found it impossible to accept migmatites as metamorphic rocks.’
    • ‘In such a scenario, the leucogranite sheets might be interpreted to represent the conduits connecting the granite plutons through the migmatites to the granulites.’
    • ‘Leucosomes and leucogranites that segregated over variable distances but remained within the migmatites contain entrained inclusion-rich biotite from proximal mesosome-melanosome.’
    • ‘Later, shallower and hotter metamorphism produced widespread sillimanite grade gneisses, migmatites and in situ partial melting.’
    • ‘The subautochthonous granodiorites and transitional migmatites contain the youngest zircons of the Pena Negra Complex.’



/ˈmiɡməˌtīt/ /ˈmɪɡməˌtaɪt/


Early 20th century from Greek migma, migmat- ‘mixture’+ -ite.