Definición de milady en inglés


Pronunciación /məˈlādē/ /məˈleɪdi/ /mīˈlādē/ /maɪˈleɪdi/

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historical, humorístico
  • Used to address or refer to an English noblewoman or great lady.

    ‘I went off to milady's boudoir’
    • ‘Mistress Dina said my milady must come to the queen's private quarters right away.’
    • ‘Yes, milady, and the prophesy is being fulfilled at the moment!’
    • ‘Do not fall in love with a knight, milady, or you shall sleep with the rats as well.’
    • ‘My name is Pippa, and please milady, I am taught to address you as such.’
    • ‘If only you weren't so tanned, milady, you'd be more beautiful than any court lady!’


Late 18th century via French from English my lady; compare with milord.