Definition of militancy in English:


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  • The use of confrontational or violent methods in support of a political or social cause.

    ‘there are signs of growing militancy among workers’
    • ‘Unions in that country organizing under 10 percent of workers have sustained successful militancy.’
    • ‘Quite by accident the diva provided the psychological model of gay militancy.’
    • ‘It's a play in which the hero reflects his own increasing militancy.’
    • ‘Critics have faulted the novel for its alleged lack of racial militancy.’
    • ‘The appointed architect of digital hardcore never felt any sort of problem with the militancy of the beats that were produced.’
    • ‘My motivation came from the failure of militancy.’
    • ‘In a dozy part of the world, on a green field site, militancy was not to be found, at least among the process workers.’
    • ‘The theory was coherent, but its assessment of European working-class militancy was quite wrong.’
    • ‘He had given up socialism, in all likelihood, because of union militancy.’
    • ‘The election was greeted enthusiastically by them as presaging trade-union resurgence and a renewal of militancy.’



/ˈmiləd(ə)nsē/ /ˈmɪləd(ə)nsi/ /ˈmilətnsē/ /ˈmɪlətnsi/