Definition of militarize in English:


(British militarise)


[with object]often as adjective militarized
  • 1Give (something, especially an organization) a military character.

    ‘militarized police forces’
    • ‘While pretending to create a kind of police force, he militarized his formations and transformed them into a professional military body.’
    • ‘This division of the national police is acquiring an increasingly militarized profile, as it takes over forced eradication tasks in territories where war is being waged.’
    • ‘There has also been a heavily militarized aspect of the response.’
    • ‘They became further militarized by the political parties who then began to use them to protect political events.’
    • ‘It has militarized our economy, undermined our own liberties and eroded our democratic rights.’
    • ‘A common method for totalitarian regimes to maintain control is to militarize society and set it on a constant war footing.’
    • ‘Police have become militarized and now turn on us the high-tech weaponry and communication systems used to defeat foreign enemies.’
    • ‘Recent events have shown just how militarized - and deadly - our civilian police forces have become.’
    • ‘On the one hand, it is a highly militarised society in which the army plays a central role.’
    1. 1.1Equip or supply (a place) with soldiers and other military resources.
      ‘a militarized security zone’
      • ‘Had I gone to the North a dozen years earlier, I would certainly have encountered soldiers and checkpoints in Europe's most heavily militarized rural area.’
      • ‘And so it was that they found themselves in one of the many militarized zones of the city.’
      • ‘In the heavily militarized urban areas, a virtual war psychosis existed.’
      • ‘The sealed-off, disfigured, and newly militarized spaces of the New York through which I have always loved to wander at all hours seemed to have been put beyond reach for the duration.’
      • ‘During the civil war the country was highly militarized, with 32,000 soldiers.’
      • ‘It's a way to militarize space without alarming anyone.’
      • ‘The last thing this stupid species needs is more guns, and the last thing we need to do is militarize space.’
      • ‘I heard people laughing and cheering far away, glad to be rid of some people who had militarised their land.’
      • ‘So what does peace mean in this savage, corporatised, militarised world?’
      • ‘One of the more overused statements - bordering on myth - in discussions of the current state of military space is that space has been militarized but not yet weaponized.’
      • ‘Allowing genocide undermines regional and international stability, creates militarized refugees, and signals dictators that hate and murder are permissible tools of statecraft.’
      • ‘By far the greatest effect will be the intimidation factor of living in areas that will almost certainly remain obviously militarized until early November.’