Definition of military-industrial complex in English:

military-industrial complex


  • A country's military establishment and those industries producing arms or other military materials, regarded as a powerful vested interest.

    ‘By the 1960s, they were considered part of the military-industrial complex, allowing defense industry advertising to subsidize their publications.’
    • ‘These include Balkan Airlines, deals in the tourism sector, the military-industrial complex and the chemical industry.’
    • ‘Where new media points to an interrogation of the digitisation of culture, it remains aware, for example, that much of these digital technologies emerged from the military-industrial complex.’
    • ‘Retooling for World War II brought dynamic recovery from the Depression, and Detroit became a centerpiece of the military-industrial complex.’
    • ‘Scientists no longer looked like disinterested searchers for truth, but servants of military-industrial complexes East and West.’
    • ‘What happened to the neo-Jeffersonian critique of profiteering and of the military-industrial complex during the long and expensive Cold War?’
    • ‘Recall the growth of a military-industrial complex during the Cold War.’
    • ‘The new military-industrial complex seems to pose at least as much danger to itself as it does to society.’
    • ‘After finding an empty room on the eighth floor, the group sat around and talked about subsidies, taxpayers and the Canadian military-industrial complex.’
    • ‘It was the workings of the military-industrial complex.’
    • ‘The military-industrial complex doesn't want publication of news hostile to its enablers in the government.’
    • ‘I realize this is not, by far, the most dangerous trend at work inside the military-industrial complex right now.’
    • ‘In fact, ITC Garamond was the majority font, the product of the military-industrial complex.’
    • ‘Dwight Eisenhower famously worried about the military-industrial complex unduly influencing governments.’
    • ‘Satisfy your greed by promoting the military-industrial complex.’
    • ‘Many people think this is the way the military-industrial complex works.’
    • ‘In the corrupt military procurement system, these factors are considered to be advantages, as more money can be extracted from the taxpayers to go to the military-industrial complex.’
    • ‘Governments should be spending less on the military-industrial complex and adding to the pittance allocated to alternative fuel research.’
    • ‘War and perceived threats to national security generated the world's military-industrial complexes, whose environmental consequences have been almost unimaginable in scale and scope.’
    • ‘So, reorganization of military-industrial complexes in order to adapt them to the new conditions of operation of the global economy is a vital need for all developed states.’


military-industrial complex

/ˈmiləˌterē inˈdəstrēəl ˌkämˈpleks/ /ˈmɪləˌtɛri ɪnˈdəstriəl ˌkɑmˈplɛks/ /ˈkämpleks/ /ˈkɑmplɛks/