Definition of military service in English:

military service


mass noun
  • Time spent serving in the armed forces, especially as a compulsory period for young people in some countries.

    ‘after her military service, the 27-year-old worked her way into government’
    • ‘The artist was called up to military service in 1940.’
    • ‘His military service included time in the U.S. Army Infantry.’
    • ‘Most children knew someone in military service: a parent, sibling, relative, or neighbor.’
    • ‘Jung was drafted for military service in the Vietnam War.’
    • ‘Two and a half years of compulsory military service are required for males.’
    • ‘In 1914 he volunteered for military service and served as a medical orderly in Flanders.’
    • ‘Provisions were made for the maintenance of permanent cemeteries for Americans who died in military service.’
    • ‘Refusal to perform military service may also be based on religious convictions.’
    • ‘After returning to France to do military service he settled on a literary career in Paris.’
    • ‘He did not enter military service until 1945 when the war ended.’
    • ‘He committed his thoughts and experiences to paper during his four years of military service as a volunteer artilleryman.’
    • ‘He led a colourful life, seeing active military service during the war against Napoleon.’
    • ‘Mandatory military service for all men and women would change public opinion in this area dramatically.’