Definición de milker en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈmilkər/ /ˈmɪlkər/


  • 1A cow or other animal that is kept for milk, especially one of a specified productivity.

    ‘the cows were no more than fair milkers’
    • ‘They offered the ‘station’ experience, feeding cattle, shearing sheep, horseback riding, whip cracking, and milking the few milkers they had.’
    • ‘First calvers, older cows and the better milkers are likely to be thinner than the rest.’
    • ‘He's now A2 Corporation's point man in Britain, busy persuading farmers to change their herds over to A2 milkers.’
    • ‘She calved last December and is currently giving 40 kg of milk a day in their Winton herd of 220 milkers based both at Cherry Burton and Shiptonthorpe near York.’
    • ‘The animal calved three weeks ago in the Butterfields' herd of 100 milkers, and is giving 35 kg of milk daily.’
    • ‘If the cow has not got enough colostrum, surplus could be taken from the better milkers at calving and stored in the freezer for emergencies.’
    • ‘After almost 40 years in milk production, John and Sally Hart are dispersing their Hilhoath herd of pedigree Jersey and Guernsey milkers.’
    • ‘The herd of 115 milkers and 85 followers is mainly pedigree black and whites but there are also 20 award-winning dairy shorthorns.’
    • ‘With the new facilities bedded in, the stage is set for the college to expand its herd to 200 plus milkers - and to enlighten the nation's farming students and experts’
    • ‘Most cows have enough milk to support satisfactory calf growth rates up to about 4 months of age but calves on the poorer milkers will start to suffer from now onwards unless creep is provided.’
    • ‘The couple sells milkers to families and several dairies.’
    • ‘Research proved that U to E grade females give poor fertility and are poor milkers, two very important traits required for breeding.’
    • ‘Keep good quality grass in front of your milkers at all times.’
    • ‘Noted as heavy milkers, they are often the breed used in commercial dairies.’
    • ‘A mule was better than a horse for work in the sun, but milkers went sour in hot weather.’
    • ‘Likewise choosing the bull to father your future milkers is equally as important.’
    • ‘Also, these sheep are good milkers and some are prolific breeders.’
    • ‘Ampleforth Abbey Farms, which tends 1,000 acres of land near Helmsley, was reputed to have the largest milking herd under one roof in North Yorkshire in the mid-1990s, with 260 milkers.’
    • ‘His main concern is fertility levels - he will scan a percentage of the first cross-bred milkers next month.’
    • ‘They were just on their way to the mini-mall near the supermarket to return a video when bang: they happened across a top milker just wandering around a front yard near the middle school.’
  • 2A person or device that milks cows.

    ‘Mr Williams, now a self-employed relief milker and gardener, who lives at Fishguard, expressed his delight at the result.’
    • ‘The procedure kills bacteria from the cow or the milker or milking machine.’
    • ‘The last place he worked had a carousel milker that could handle 600 cows in three hours.’
    • ‘When a member calls in need of, for instance, a baler or a relief milker, CFRBA simply puts them in touch with the nearest member capable of supplying the machinery or the manpower and a deal is struck.’
    • ‘They would get up at five o'clock in the morning to milk 45 head of cattle with bucket-style milkers, and then carry the buckets to the milk coolers.’