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mainly archaic
  • A girl or woman who milks cows or does other work in a dairy.

    ‘One could ask if the ploughman and the milkmaid of today would understand much of what is prayed.’
    • ‘The removal of the bowls for settling the milk and the absence of butter churns or a cow barn indicate that it was not intended as a working dairy even for a royal milkmaid.’
    • ‘She worked as a milkmaid on her husband Jack's milk round in Hanwell.’
    • ‘In the seventeenth century, a milkmaid would send a stream of new, warm milk directly from a cow into a bowl of spiced cider or ale.’
    • ‘His father was a carpenter, bricklayer, and farmer, and his mother was a milkmaid.’



/ˈmilkˌmād/ /ˈmɪlkˌmeɪd/