Definición de milliamp en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈmilēˌamp/ /ˈmɪliˌæmp/


short for milliampere
‘The only limitation to PMTs is that the conversion efficiency, expressed as radiant sensitivity in milliamps per watt, is much smaller than that of a PD or an APD.’
  • ‘The Mag-Lite LMSA201 lamp draws about 150 milliamps at 3 volts.’
  • ‘Their current-handling capacity ranges from milliamps to amps, and sensitivity ranges from fractional to several thousand forces of gravity.’
  • ‘Even a few milliamps of electricity in the water can be fatal.’
  • ‘It takes only 10 to 40 milliamps for serious injury and even death to occur.’
  • ‘The formula expects the current to be in amps, but we've been given the current rating in milliamps.’