Definition of millionth in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmilyənTH/ /ˈmɪljənθ/

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ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number one million in a sequence; 1,000,000th.

    ‘the museum welcomed its millionth visitor 21 months after opening’
    • ‘At the Venice event, the company announced the sale of its 200 millionth printer.’
    • ‘We signed our forty millionth customer in wireless.’
    • ‘The magazine celebrated the manufacture of the five millionth Model T by publishing a comic playlet entitled "The Pageant of the Ford."’
    • ‘It sold its 500 millionth mouse during the period, which is easier to type than to say.’
    • ‘We're celebrating a pretty hefty milestone—the planting of our 20 millionth tree.’
    • ‘The first of the Japanese manufacturers to invest heavily in Britain has just completed its one millionth car at its factory in Burnaston.’
    • ‘It is on the verge of hooking up its five millionth wholesale broadband connection—a year ahead of schedule.’
    • ‘That is a huge achievement, particularly as we are about to load the two millionth DNA profile onto the database.’
    • ‘The service signed up its millionth subscriber after about three months.’
    • ‘The dramatic scene was performed with the speed and expertise of a surgeon on his one millionth appendectomy.’
    1. 1.1informal Constituting an unspecified but very large number in a sequence.
      • ‘I asked the same question for the millionth time’
      • ‘This was the millionth letter he'd received from her asking for his help.’
      • ‘While they may been the umpteenth millionth garage band to make headlines in the past year, there's a reason why.’
      • ‘They like to bury the opposition in paperwork, and we just got the millionth page of documents today.’
      • ‘Must I endure the millionth tribute to The Three Stooges?’
      • ‘I really enjoyed Jude Law, in his millionth film of the year.’
      • ‘I am perhaps the millionth person to mention that one of the biggest barriers to is the software installation and upgrading complexity.’
      • ‘His film is about the millionth variation on a tried-and-true template: everyday folks grappling with everyday problems while an acoustic guitar soundtracks their lives.’
      • ‘Shouting about a "new world order" is ultimately more palatable than the millionth pledge of apathy in an indie-rock song.’
      • ‘I just watched The Dark Knight for the millionth time.’
      • ‘He is more focused on persuading the millionth schoolchild to pick up a cricket bat.’
  • 2Each of one million equal parts into which something is or may be divided.

    ‘a dot less than a millionth of an inch in diameter’
    • ‘The reactors range in diameter from about 400 to 60 microns, or millionths of a meter.’
    • ‘The entire laser scan occurs in a couple of millionths of a second.’
    • ‘A nanometerr is a billionth of a meter, or a millionth of a millimeter.’
    • ‘Going from bottom to top, we are measuring electrical activity in just a few millionths of a volt.’
    • ‘The gas's Fermi temperature itself is about 2 millionths of a degree above absolute zero.’
    • ‘In terms of conventional physics, the grouse represents only a millionth of either the mass or the energy of an acre.’
    • ‘A millionth of a pound of pesticide can sometimes be deadly.’
    • ‘Notice that's only 37 millionths of the speed of light.’
    • ‘A femtosecond is one millionth of a billionth of a second.’
    • ‘The device can detect even tiny concentrations of less than one microgram (one millionth of a gram) per liter.’