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  • One thousandth of a second.

    ‘A large variety of gamma-ray burst durations are known, from a few milliseconds to thousands of seconds.’
    • ‘The hard disk operates in milliseconds, or thousandths of a second, because it is mechanical.’
    • ‘Competitors will now have to keep the foil's tip on their opponent's target area for a whole 15 milliseconds instead of two milliseconds.’
    • ‘Tunable lasers that switch in nanoseconds rather than milliseconds are in prototype.’
    • ‘If the team applied just a few volts across the heart muscle for a few tens of milliseconds, a second, smaller spiral appeared.’
    • ‘The speed of swelling and relaxation ranges from 10 milliseconds to a few seconds, Lewis says.’
    • ‘In this context, time is measured in milliseconds - thousandths of a second.’
    • ‘The enhancement caused by shape change is equivalent to 0.6 milliseconds (per day per century).’
    • ‘Both types of bursts last only a few milliseconds to about a minute.’
    • ‘The orbital period of this system is decreasing by 1.2 milliseconds every year.’
    • ‘I infer that an atomic clock on the Moon would gain 8 milliseconds per year relative to one on Earth.’
    • ‘Gamma ray bursts last only from a few milliseconds to about one minute.’
    • ‘Twenty milliseconds is a natural limit for the coherent integration period.’
    • ‘The Earth's rotation is slowing down by a few milliseconds a year, due to the moon's gravity.’
    • ‘Disturbances on a large power grid propagate through the system in milliseconds to fractions of a second.’
    • ‘A single fusion event occurs on the nanometer scale and takes less than a millisecond.’
    • ‘Seek time is measured in milliseconds and the fastest drives can access data in around 5ms.’
    • ‘In contrast, disk systems provide nearly instantaneous access, measured in just milliseconds.’
    • ‘This is a relatively short time period often measured in milliseconds.’
    • ‘Although she had lived here for about two years now she still took a few milliseconds to find the light switch to turn on the light.’



/ˈmiləˌsekənd/ /ˈmɪləˌsɛkənd/