Definition of milreis in English:


nounplural noun milreis

  • A former monetary unit of Portugal and Brazil, equal to one thousand reis.

    ‘In Portugal, the milreis became the main unit of account by Portugal, edict of 24 April 1835.’
    • ‘It is also necessary to ascertain the exchange value of the milreis at the time, when quotations are made in Brazilian money, as there have been great variations in the value of the milreis.’
    • ‘Local workers were paid up to 20 milreis per month.’
    • ‘The amount of 530,000 milreis under the foregoing convention was paid by Brazil in satisfaction of claims made by United States citizens, and the amount was distributed by the United States.’
    • ‘The exchange rate is expressed as milreis per dollar in 1916-1941.’



/milˈrās/ /mɪlˈreɪs/


Portuguese, from mil ‘thousand’ + reis, plural of real (see real).