Definition of milt in English:



mass noun
  • 1The semen of a male fish.

    • ‘As she releases the eggs on the bed, the male simultaneously releases milt to fertilize them.’
    • ‘As the eggs and milt are released, males thrash their tails wildly, apparently to help scatter the eggs.’
    • ‘Paddlefish are broadcast spawners whereby multiple males swim near and release milt onto the eggs liberated by a female.’
    • ‘Equal volumes of milt from a cuckolder and a parental were mixed and dilution-activated, and the paired milt was released over a sample of 30-100 eggs from one of the females.’
    • ‘When the male's body shivers the female is stimulated and the eggs and milt are released.’
    • ‘Thus, while attempting to ‘collect’ the egg-spots, the female ingests milt ejected near them by the male and ensures fertilization.’
    • ‘Male whites follow the writhing females, releasing their milt to fertilize the eggs.’
    • ‘When spawning is actually taking place the male takes a position to hold the female against the bottom of the redd and both of the fish vibrate intensely while eggs and milt are simultaneously discharged.’
    • ‘Yet 8 of the 16 phenotypic males did not produce milt by abdominal pressure, and may have been intersexes.’
    • ‘Males discharge their milt onto the sand near the female and then immediately start to wriggle towards the water.’
    • ‘She broadcasts her eggs into the current where the males spread their milt to fertilize them.’
    • ‘Eggs and milt are ejected by sudden lashings of the caudal fin.’
    • ‘Testes were then slit open, and free milt was distributed on a slide.’
    • ‘The cod form large shoals close to the sea bed where the eggs and milt are released.’
    • ‘I was taught how to strip fish of their eggs, then fertilise the eggs with a small amount of milt from a cock fish.’
    • ‘Interruption or handling, even during spawning, prevents the discharge of eggs or milt.’
    • ‘Kin groups were produced by harvesting the eggs and milt from wild adult Atlantic salmon that were caught at the River Braan, Perthshire, Scotland.’
    • ‘Rinella's meal, which took days of preparation and required ingredients like snapping turtle, swallow's nest and perch milt, was definitely not a novice-level culinary adventure.’
    • ‘I watched the darker, fierce-kyped male ease in front of those suns without once touching the female, and send milt melting down into her nest of stones.’
    • ‘Eggs and milt from each individual were transported on ice to the Hagen Aqualab facilities (University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada).’
    1. 1.1count noun A sperm-filled reproductive gland of a male fish.
      ‘Soft roe or milt is the male fish's reproductive gland.’
      ‘"Soft roe" (also called "white roe") is the milt (male reproductive glands filled with seminal fluid) of the male fish.’


Old English milte ‘spleen’, of Germanic origin; perhaps related to melt. The current sense dates from the late 15th century.