Definition of mimeo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmimēˌō/ /ˈmɪmiˌoʊ/


short for mimeograph
‘She was certainly generous and open to letting people use the mimeo and the space.’
  • ‘By the time I got to the Berkeley Poetry Conference in 1965 and saw Ted Berrigan read and bought a mimeo copy of The Sonnets, something like a poetics was well underway.’
  • ‘An indication of the novelty for him of this surprising ‘Visitation’ came in the early December 1966 note that accompanied it and another occasional poem Dom gave me at the same time for Spice, my latest mimeo venture.’
  • ‘One of his poems, ‘For Barbara,’ appeared in the mimeo magazine ‘J,’ edited by Jack Spicer; the other two poems will be new, I think, to all but a few.’
  • ‘Then too there was the maddening task of blind-typing the mimeo stencils.’
  • ‘In the reserve copies transferred from Indiana to Missouri in 1974, mimeo copies without covers were on file before 1940, followed by printed-cover copies beginning with Vol.14.’
  • ‘I was enthused and immediately ordered North, Towle's first large collection and Lines For The New Year, an Adventures In Poetry mimeo, and bought his subsequent books as soon as they came out.’
  • ‘I had previously mentioned to Alan that I was putting together a new poetry mimeo, Shell Magazine, and I wanted desperately to have new work by John in the first issue.’
  • ‘Frank O'Hara and John Wieners's work inspired cottage industry George Schneeman drawings for covers with mimeo insides.’
  • ‘He edited a series of mimeo magazines from his university office.’