Definition of mimsy in English:



  • Rather feeble and prim or affected.

    • ‘It's dry, bloodless, and emotionally disengaged; but most annoyingly of all, it's self-consciously ‘literary’ in such a mimsy, precious way.’
    • ‘On this disturbingly upbeat new record, mimsy acoustic numbers such as Lonely Girls drown the victim in sentiment, and when Richard Oakes does plug in his guitars they sound anaemically scratchy.’
    • ‘Now, to someone who can't understand the concept of going into a record shop to buy a record (rather than some records), four may seem a bit on the mimsy side.’
    • ‘If you're up for an all-day bi-coastal eating beano, you won't want to start with a mimsy croissant-type breakfast.’
    • ‘What thrills about Russell's work now is this feeling of a very singular vision: He's a mimsy folkie who let a DJ save his life one night and never looked back, a post-minimalist composer who was put through the technological wringer.’
    • ‘Not for us the footling ZT 120, with its mimsy 1.8 engine, nor even the ZT 180, with its utterly yawnsome 2.5-litre V6.’
    • ‘The type and design is a bit mimsy and the paintings tend to be dated before the end of the nineteenth century.’
    prim and proper, prim, proper, prudish, priggish, puritanical, moralistic, prissy, mimsy, niminy-piminy, shockable, Victorian, old-maidish, schoolmistressy, schoolmarmish, governessy


Late 19th century probably from mim + -sy.