Definition of mina in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪnə/


  • 1A monetary unit formerly used in Greece and the Middle East, equivalent to the weight of one mina in silver. (Rendered ‘pound’ in some English translations of the New Testament.).

  • 2(A) A unit of weight formerly used in the Middle East, especially in Mesopotamia and Palestine, and in Egypt. (b) A unit of weight formerly used in ancient Greece, equal to 1/60th of a talent and 100 drachmas.

    The Mesopotamian mina was normally equivalent to 1/60th of a talent and 60 shekels (though mina of 50 shekels have been reported). The Biblical and Mesopotamian mina had two forms: a light mina (of about 17.3 oz, 490 grams), and a heavy mina (of about 34.6 oz, 980 grams). Various ancient Greek minas have been recorded, including the Aegina mina (of about 21.9 oz, 622 grams), and the Attic mina (of about 15.4 oz, 437 grams).


Late Middle English. From classical Latin mina from ancient Greek μνᾶ.