Definition of minbar in English:



(also mimbar)
  • A short flight of steps used as a platform by a preacher in a mosque.

    ‘In this regard, it might be compared to the minbar in a mosque, which was the place from which the loyalty of the community to a given ruler was publicly affirmed in the sermon each Friday.’
    • ‘Messenger of Allah, you climbed up on the minbar and said, ‘Ameen, ameen, ameen.’’
    • ‘There is an upstairs balcony for the ‘sisters,’ a mihrab - a kind of understated altar - and a minbar, or pulpit, an upright latticed box at the top of five carpeted steps from which the imam delivers the khutba, or sermon.’
    • ‘The third room is largely occupied by the 23-foot-tall wooden minbar.’
    • ‘Despite its simple and modest architecture it bears magnificent decorative elements seen particularly clearly in the ceiling, the mihrab and minbar (pulpit).’



/ˈminbär/ /ˈmɪnbɑr/


From Arabic minbar.