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  • 1mainly British A mixture of currants, raisins, sugar, apples, candied citrus peel, spices, and suet, typically baked in a pie.

    ‘in Britain, is a miniature round pie, filled with mincemeat: typically a mixture of dried fruits, chopped nuts and apples, suet, spices, and lemon juice, vinegar, or brandy.’
    • ‘My mother would make her favorite bread pudding: layers of buttered bread sandwiching mincemeat and marmalade, doused with cream and eggs, baked until puffy as a quilted pillow, and slathered with hard sauce.’
    • ‘The final cook-off is the culmination of an eight month long search for the best amateur mincemeat and pastry cook in the country.’
    • ‘Alternatively, use slices of stale baguette and layer with handfuls of mixed dried fruit or leftover mincemeat.’
    • ‘Stock up on a selection of delicious chutneys and preserves, mincemeat and brandy butter.’
    • ‘The family cook runs out of mincemeat, the cake is not iced yet and the tree is still to be decorated.’
    • ‘Throw them with abandon into mincemeat, muffins, cookies, fruit loafs - they taste and look particularly gorgeous in a carrot cake.’
    • ‘And as for Christmas pudding - well, I might remind you that the main ingredient of this is mincemeat.’
    • ‘To ensure the precious recipe is not lost forever she has stored it on her PC with other recipes for cakes and mincemeat she has collected from the M.E.N. over the years.’
    • ‘Kashmir offers not only a great shooting locations, it is also where he gets addicted to saffron rice cooked on hot coals, and mincemeat with cream and almond sauce.’
    • ‘This morning I have already made mince pies (home made mincemeat with cranberries and no meat) and cranberry sauce.’
    • ‘We enjoyed the chebureki, three big ravioli-like pockets of fried dough filled with mincemeat.’
    • ‘Last weekend, I started our preparations for Christmas by making 6lb of mincemeat and a Christmas cake.’
    • ‘Occasionally boozed up with some fresh doses of rum and brandy, my mincemeat or soaked fruits or whatever you call has aged and become nice and mellow.’
    • ‘Of the 5.5 million jars of mincemeat, 6.5 million jars of cranberry sauce and 12 million bottles of pickles consumed across the country this Christmas, only a small amount will be recycled.’
    • ‘When I was a child we stirred next year's plum pudding in October and made mincemeat in November.’
    • ‘So I'm taking this opportunity to warn everyone: now is not a good time for you to share your recipe for mincemeat, or regale me with tales of your Nigella Lawson-esque prowess in the kitchen.’
    • ‘If you want to make store-bought mincemeat more special, tip the contents of a jar into a bowl and add some grated apple, orange or lemon zest, chopped almonds or hazelnuts - and, of course, a good slug of brandy, whisky or Drambuie.’
    • ‘Over a four-week period a consumer might purchase 16 oz. of hard soap, 16 oz. of jam, marmalade, or mincemeat, and 8oz. of sweets.’
    • ‘Christmas is the one time of year when I can imagine some tiny excuse for people buying the miserable tripe they do: their brainstems have been replaced by mincemeat and their cranial fluid by sherry.’
  • 2Minced meat.

    ‘We also do rhubarb, strawberry, and lemon, and I make my own mincemeat out of elk meat.’
    • ‘Meat eaters, they will come readily to the hand for mincemeat or strips of beef, even cheese, in dry times.’
    • ‘Cattle were making between 80 to 84p per lb at the moment but a pound of mincemeat in the butchers cost more.’
    • ‘The Ceylon paratha can also come filled with mincemeat and a topping of egg, if you want to make a meal of it.’
    • ‘It has jaws that apparently can crush stones so that even crabs are just like mincemeat to it.’
    • ‘His face and clothes usually presented an appearance of a mincemeat chopper, being covered in flesh from the victim's body.’
    • ‘My own pepper was equally satisfying; a whole, succulent green pepper so tender it melted in the mouth, piping hot and stuffed to bursting with rice and mincemeat.’
    • ‘Other common foods are chorba, a spicy soup; dolma, a mixture of tomatoes and peppers, and bourek, a specialty of Algiers consisting of mincemeat with onions and fried eggs, rolled and fried in batter.’
    • ‘Far worse, we looked at our children and thought of the mincemeat we had made into sauces for their spaghetti or the hamburgers we had treated them to on a Saturday afternoon shopping expedition.’
    • ‘Today they gave my bulldog, Dora, a bowl of mincemeat to eat under the table.’
    • ‘The school lunch was full of mincemeat so I couldn't eat it.’



/ˈminsˌmēt/ /ˈmɪnsˌmit/


    make mincemeat of someone
    • Defeat someone decisively or easily in a fight, contest, or argument.

      • ‘a hostile Public Prosecutor would make mincemeat of her’
      • ‘But men tend to do it, de Waal writes, ‘in the more civilized manner of making mincemeat of someone else's arguments or, more primitively, giving others no time to open their mouths.’’
      • ‘But his team say he's confident of making mincemeat of them when they finally get down to specific policy commitments, with a major onslaught already planned for that Manchester conference.’
      • ‘Of course, the gag running through all the action is that these old geezers from another era are competing with guys 40 years their junior and making mincemeat of them.’
      • ‘And I think he thought he was going to make mincemeat of me, but I really had grown up to debate in my family, so we had a very equal debate.’
      • ‘He better be on his toes come Monday, though, as wee Jack is planning to make mincemeat of him just to teach him a lesson!’
      • ‘In his worst week as leader, a front bencher has written a paean of praise to the very man who made mincemeat of him and thus prompted the crisis.’
      • ‘The report addresses and makes mincemeat of Mapes's claim that the documents ‘mesh perfectly’ with the record.’
      • ‘At Leopardstown he beat Beef Or Salmon fair and square, just five weeks after the same horse had made mincemeat of Best Mate in the Lexus Chase over course and distance, so try making some sense of that!’
      • ‘In their first league fixture, Delhi first outclassed Pondicherry 16-3 and later made mincemeat of Goa whom they trounced by 24-9.’
      • ‘It didn't work, of course, and Nicola made mincemeat of Jack as a result.’