Definition of mind-altering in English:



  • (of a drug) producing mood changes or giving a sense of heightened awareness.

    ‘you haven't been taking any mind-altering drugs lately, have you?’
    • ‘The UK has seen the fastest rise in the prescribing of antidepressants and other mind-altering drugs to children, a study of nine countries shows.’
    • ‘One consequence of this is that taking mind-altering drugs with a high risk of rationality-reducing side effects is of dubious rationality.’
    • ‘You have remarked that mind-altering drugs offer only a hint of the transcendental experience that many people seek by using them.’
    • ‘Short of seeking inspiration in mind-altering drugs, this is a good state from which to write from the stream which some claim to be consciousness.’
    • ‘I just don't see how exactly pumping someone full of mind-altering drugs solves the original problem that is making them depressed.’
    • ‘This intensely personal painting, the product of a psyche conditioned by mind-altering drugs, was probably his last.’
    • ‘These drugs are mind-altering in that they change the chemical interactions in your brain.’
    • ‘One understands why people wanted to take mind-altering drugs out here.’
    • ‘Together they edited a book of Aldous Huxley's essays about mind-altering drugs.’
    • ‘Most people have very strong convictions about mind-altering drugs, and their views on drug policies and the effects of drugs on individuals and societies are conditioned by those convictions.’
    • ‘Others, including injecting detainees with mind-altering drugs and threatening subjects' families were deemed not acceptable, the Times article said.’
    • ‘And I grant you, smoking is a very efficient way to get mind-altering drugs such as nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, or heroin into the bloodstream and hence to the brain.’
    • ‘In the United States, there is no doubt that widespread and persistent use of mind-altering drugs remains firmly entrenched in society as a part of the American way of life.’
    • ‘It was, in fact, the accidental discovery of several mind-altering drugs in the middle of the 20th century that drew me into research on brain functions and mental illness.’
    • ‘While she might lack experience when it comes to doing illicit substances I felt that her relative freshness to mind-altering drugs would prove invaluable.’
    • ‘If an over-the-counter medication could perhaps lead to these kinds of situations, imagine what a mind-altering drug like ecstasy could lead to.’
    • ‘Perhaps, except for older Australians, the term wowser is nearly obsolete, as the state fights to keep other addictive mind-altering drugs illegal and difficult to obtain.’
    • ‘As if being bored to death wasn't enough, Cassandra now had to withstand emotional torture, complete with mind-altering drugs.’
    • ‘Serve immediately with mind-altering drugs and stiff drinks.’
    • ‘After all, if you're disposed to mind-altering drugs, it's easy just to swallow, smoke, sniff, or lick them.’



/ˈmīndˌôlt(ə)riNG/ /ˈmaɪndˌɔlt(ə)rɪŋ/