Definition of mind-blowing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmaɪnd ˈˌbloʊɪŋ/

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  • 1 informal Overwhelmingly impressive.

    • ‘for a kid, Chicago was really mind-blowing’
    • ‘This record is impressive, but not mind-blowing.’
    • ‘It is described as a mind-blowing journey into spectacular, futuristic maze-like ‘worlds of wonder’.’
    • ‘It's just awe-inspiring, heart-exploding, mind-blowing.’
    • ‘The maestro himself blows a mean horn with unbelievable energy and mind-blowing skill and has the kind of stage presence so-called pop idols cannot be taught.’
    • ‘So much to take in: the detail of the battle scenes is fantastic, the production design is mind-blowing and the pace of the action awesome.’
    • ‘And, then, before he knew it, another song had started up; the same voice, the same wonderful, mind-blowing music.’
    • ‘Support fat loss and gain more energy in the process - the benefits of this amazing supplement are mind-blowing!’
    • ‘As time goes on, I have less and less to say about this mind-blowing work of staggering genius, because as time goes on, I love it more and more.’
    • ‘A work of cinema so visceral, so powerful, so incredibly mind-blowing must be seen to be believed.’
    • ‘There was - is - no question: Peter Jackson has roared back into theatres with the mind-blowing Part Two of the greatest fantasy epic in movie history.’
    • ‘For its mind-blowing battle scenes, utterly breathtaking cinematography, wonderful script and multi-faceted narrative, it could be watched on its own merit.’
    • ‘The mind-blowing idea is that we've been shortchanging the universe, giving it hardly the credit it deserves for being a lot more than meets the eye and that there are many more dimensions than three.’
    • ‘The statue is fabulous and mind-blowing and absolutely the sort of work we should be supporting.’
    • ‘About once every decade, an animated-film director manages to create a work that finds the perfect blend of innovative, mind-blowing visuals and emotive, engaging content.’
    • ‘Although the album does not offer anything that is mind-blowing, it is a simple, easy listen and it should not be taken for more than just that.’
    • ‘You will be dazzled at the way multi-award winning Leen takes you through The King's life and songs, with mind-blowing music, stylish movements and seven costume changes.’
    • ‘This one is for those hungry for adventure and thirsty for thrills; those who are game for spine-chilling off-the-edge excitement and mind-blowing heights.’
    • ‘The cornerstone of the most popular dishes are Scottish standards such as haggis, salmon, venison and a mind-blowing choice of fish, dressed with horseradish mash, and lime and avocado mousse.’
    • ‘They accuse The Matrix: Reloaded of, ‘technology that is mind-blowing but actually more interesting than the movie itself.’’
    • ‘‘We've had more corporate donations and it's just mind-blowing the support we've received,’ Emma continued.’
    magnificent, wonderful, marvellous, spectacular, remarkable, phenomenal, prodigious, miraculous, sublime
    1. 1.1(of a drug) inducing hallucinations.
      ‘The 1960s was the decade of mind-blowing drug experimentation.’
      • ‘This teaching has warped more minds than any mind blowing drug has ever done.’
      disturbing, shocking, distressing, disquieting, upsetting, damaging, scarring, injurious, harmful, hurtful, painful, agonizing, awful, chilling, alarming, devastating, harrowing, excruciating, horrifying, terrifying