Definition of mind reading in English:

mind reading

Pronunciation /ˈmīnd ˌrēdiNG/ /ˈmaɪnd ˌridɪŋ/

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‘Spell-breakers had an arsenal of varied skills, mind-reading and telepathy being just the surface of the depths.’
  • ‘More than 50 per cent of you believe in the accuracy of tarot cards and palmistry and 38 per cent of you believe in mind-reading.’
  • ‘It did actually happens, as you'd expect, mostly as it's described, although I spoke to the graduate and didn't actually indulge in the mind-reading which appears to take place in here.’
  • ‘Well, during that time, I focused really hard on mind-reading, and got better at it.’
  • ‘I think public cell phone users are annoying because mind-reading is hard work.’