Definition of mind the store in English:

mind the store


  • Have charge of something temporarily.

    • ‘Cowdery brushes that aside, saying he will concentrate on scouting out new acquisitions, while Thompson minds the shop.’
    • ‘You have drawn our attention to a whole raft of issues which your inspection has brought to light, and I can only conclude that minding the shop, from whatever perspective you accommodate, needs greater attention.’
    • ‘What Labour fears is that contentment has bred complacency; voters perceive prosperity as the natural order of things and decide that it will continue no matter who is minding the shop.’
    • ‘It makes sense, of course, for the SNP to send an experienced hand to mind the shop in the Commons.’
    • ‘After all, someone has to mind the shop and ensure that the people's will is the basis of government.’
    • ‘As Ansett Airlines, then one of Australia's best-known companies, slid inexorably into insolvency, no one, apparently, was even minding the shop.’
    • ‘And who is minding the shop while all this is happening?’
    • ‘Of that, Jason Sniderman, who is now minding the shop, says $6.5 million was owed to record companies.’
    • ‘Instead some of Christopher's friends and admirers will be minding the shop in his absence.’
    • ‘When I look at Brazil and see Lucio or Edmilson breaking from defence and Gilberto Silva dropping in to mind the shop, I see the variation we miss.’