Definition of mineable in English:



(also minable)

See mine

‘The resource of the lease on which the Muskeg River mine sits contains more than five billion barrels of mineable bitumen.’
  • ‘In some instances sparse mineralization that is uneconomical to mine can be concentrated by supergene processes into mineable ore; supergene deposits are commonly underlain by such primary mineralization.’
  • ‘It is estimated that mineable diamonds in the MDM concessions stand at 12 million carats.’
  • ‘There is probably not much left to extract: the world's remaining mineable reserves may amount to only 15,000 tonnes, and at present 2,500 tonnes are being mined every year.’
  • ‘A total of eight drill holes intersected the conglomerate bed at a depth of 500 feet along a strike distance of 4,400 feet; they showed high-grade ore in minable quantities.’



/ˈmīnəb(ə)l/ /ˈmaɪnəb(ə)l/