Definition of mineral wool in English:

mineral wool


  • A substance resembling matted wool and made from inorganic mineral material, used chiefly for packing or insulation.

    ‘Moisture-damaged mineral wool insulation material was also replaced, and some damaged ceilings were fixed.’
    • ‘For fire-rated walls, a glass fiber or mineral wool batt or blanket insulation must be installed between the studs.’
    • ‘Fibrex, based in Aurora, Illinois, produces mineral wool insulation blankets, which can fit between walls, studs or ceiling rafters, made from 92 percent recycled materials.’
    • ‘Most mineral wool made in the United States is actually slag wool.’
    • ‘König's colleagues in Stuttgart have also developed an inorganic thermal insulator made from recycled glass as an alternative to polystyrene and mineral wool, which can cause respiratory problems if used incorrectly.’
    • ‘The extra cost of providing some mineral wool panels in the area around the flues, can you assist his Lordship as to whether that would be a significant sum or not?’
    • ‘During handling, however, small pieces can break loose from mineral wool batting, raising health concerns if the fibers are inhaled.’


mineral wool

/ˈmin(ə)rəl ˌwo͝ol/ /ˈmɪn(ə)rəl ˌwʊl/