Definition of mineralocorticoid in English:



  • A corticosteroid, such as aldosterone, that is involved with maintaining the salt balance in the body.

    ‘Consequently, fenugreek may precipitate hypokalemia when used in combination with some diuretics, laxatives, mineralocorticoids, or other hypokalemic agents.’
    • ‘The only positive finding was orthostasis on the tilt test; a mineralocorticoid had been prescribed.’
    • ‘The metabolic activity of glycyrrhizin has been known to resemble that of a mineralocorticoid.’
    • ‘The amount of licorice ingested daily by patients with mineralocorticoid excess syndromes appears to vary over a wide range, from as little as 1.5 g daily to as much as 250 g daily.’
    • ‘Diagnosing hypothyroidism or mineralocorticoid deficiency as a cause of hyponatremia requires a high index of suspicion, because the clinical signs can be quite subtle.’
    • ‘These findings indicate that a decrease in urine volume and urinary sodium excretion in glycyrrhizin-administered rats may be related to mineralocorticoid receptors.’



/ˌmin(ə)rəˌlōˈkôrdəkoid/ /ˌmɪn(ə)rəˌloʊˈkɔrdəkɔɪd/