Definition of mineralogically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmin(ə)rəˈläjik(ə)lē/


See mineralogy

‘These pegmatites are mineralogically different from the pegmatites of the Pikes Peak Granite in that they contain a more alkaline (sodium- and potassium-enriched) mineral suite.’
  • ‘The pegmatite dikes are very comparable chemically and mineralogically to the evolved differentiates, exhibiting similar chemical enrichments, albeit to a greater degree.’
  • ‘Deposition of texturally immature but mineralogically mature sediment suggests exposure and reworking of shelf material by fluvial processes in response to regression of the marine system.’
  • ‘Aphyric and plagiophyric pillow basalts are present and are mineralogically and texturally similar to the sheeted dykes.’
  • ‘Marquette County is the easternmost Iron Country county and also the oldest, largest, and most mineralogically diverse.’