Definition of mingily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈminjəlē/



See mingy

‘My convention diary is unusually disjointed, since I was mingily commuting from Berkshire rather than pay £65 per night for a single room.’
  • ‘He had Kumble bowling in three spells even when he was getting wickets and bowling mingily but he cleverly held him back for a few overs to the tailenders.’
  • ‘I'm hoarding what must be the most expensive jar of Cheez Whiz ever eaten, and scraping it mingily across my bread to make the taste go as far as possible.’
  • ‘Very different from ‘my day’ when it was on a faint, mingily A5-sized bit of thin paper - these days it is like a credit card.’
  • ‘Perhaps it is true that, as his admirers believe, a sublimely arcane and complex intentionality lies behind the fragmented and mingily internalized imagery of late Johns, tying all its scattered hints together.’