Definition of mini in English:



  • Denoting a miniature version of something.

    ‘a mini camera’
    • ‘There, smaller children can enjoy the thrills on this mini version and maybe even look after their less adventurous parents as well!’
    • ‘Why try to make them into mini versions of yourself, with their mini-me haircuts and their mini-me clothes?’
    • ‘Pack a touch-up kit containing mini versions of your favourite cosmetic products.’
    • ‘In jeans and bodywarmer, she is a perfect little mini version of her mother.’
    • ‘The company's new mini version of the iPod and longer battery life for its products make its brand as sought after as ever.’
    • ‘His shooting style was thought of as conservative, yet he boldly installed 152 mini cameras on the D-Day landing craft.’
    • ‘No one was ever seen, but the high gates and security cameras of this mini Beverly Hills-sur-Mer invited gossip.’
    • ‘The shop keepers have to turn back many teenagers who come expecting to find mini music systems, cameras and electric razors.’
    • ‘I now have a mini version of the Grand Canyon on my finger.’
    • ‘Not the display case where you can buy fake nose rings and baby tees and mini glowsticks to roll around on your tongue.’
    • ‘Couldn't we reduce this mini war of words to an exaggerated example of tomayto/ tomahto?’
    • ‘She had dark blonde hair, and was like a mini version of Kiri, which was rather strange.’
    • ‘They staged a series of mini protests, each time stopping traffic for about five minutes.’
    • ‘For the version with an added insert, baste mini piping to the lower edge of the insert, matching the raw edges.’
    • ‘The system can sometimes be used to help people with partial dentures, with just a couple of mini implants to hold the small set of false teeth in place.’
    • ‘It includes a floor mattress, miniature bottle of baby oil and a mini hand towel.’
    • ‘Construction of mini cinema halls, probably the best way to ensure exhibition of serious films, should get priority.’
    • ‘A number of ladies are walking for charity in the Dublin ladies mini marathon on bank holiday Monday, June 6.’
    • ‘She raised a huge amount of money for cancer research by selling daffodils and more importantly completing two mini marathons.’
    • ‘Your service is so independent, you even get your own, private mini army - the Marine Corps.’
    small-scale, scaled-down, mini


  • 1A very short skirt or dress.

    ‘a leather mini’
    • ‘Inspired by the life span of insects, Kyra Nolan created blue corsets, pointy hem dresses, felted minis and mesh bodystockings over rubber halter tops.’
    • ‘Break out the cutesy A-line skirts and minis, and, of course, killer stockings.’
    • ‘So I quickly run up stairs and slip on my pink mini, pleated skirt, and my tank top and run down stairs.’
    • ‘She has on a short mini with a sparkly pink belt and bell sleeve shirt.’
    • ‘She found a short denim mini, with green leggings and a pair of wedge sandals.’
    • ‘When dressing for oneself, minis, which are very much in style, are an obvious choice for any fashion fiend this winter.’
    • ‘Some were attired in figure-hugging minis, some were dressed in sparkling evening wear and a few in casuals.’
    • ‘Even if I did wear really short minis it still needed to be in my comfort zone.’
    • ‘You don't show up at a corporate board meeting in a denim mini and a corset top.’
    • ‘She had on a clingy black halter top, a leather mini, and black knee - length suede boots.’
    • ‘Enid stays defiant in fat-heeled boots, tight minis, a raptor tee shirt and purple lipstick.’
    • ‘Fortunately, dresses easily accommodate ages three to five, evolving from maxis to minis over the years.’
    • ‘Navy blue, V-neck fitted tops, with chocolate brown minis were cute and easily conceivable.’
    • ‘Those for the mini said the news that the short skirt was no longer fashionable made no difference to them.’
    • ‘You may get more buzz with the minis but buzz rarely gets you anywhere with the store buyers.’
    • ‘Bianca had on the same sort of top as me but the one she wore had sleeves while mine was sleeveless and she had on a short denim mini.’
    • ‘Wear a skirt, but not a bloody mini, and a Marks and Sparks blouse.’
    • ‘Michelle had on a black leather mini and a shirt that showed off her midriff and belly button.’
    • ‘I was under my bed looking for my heels that would go nice with my black leather mini that I had on.’
    • ‘I was wearing his favorite outfit, a red mini, with a tight shirt that was cut to show off cleavage.’
  • 2

    short for minicomputer

    • ‘But the minis are CPUs only so you need to add your own display, keyboard and mouse.’
    • ‘If you want a Mac mini to be your media hub, chances are it's because it's small and dinky and looks more like a space-age waffle toaster than a computer.’
    • ‘So, a setup with a Mac mini, if you had nothing to start with, can cost less than $700.’
    • ‘It's interesting how Kevin Rollins' comments coincided with the release of the Mac mini.’
    • ‘Desktops did well with sales growing from 416,000 to 687,000 units with the impact of the Mac mini.’
    • ‘A faster Mac mini with an 80GB disk will also be available for $599 and both ship in eleven days time.’


1960s abbreviation.